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Businesses have a lifecycle. Kruml Law Office provides legal services to help business owners and officers nurture their business every step of the way by providing comprehensive business formation, start-up, operation and succession planning. Kruml Law Office is able to help build long-term relationships with clients that focus on success in every phase of the business cycle.

Services offered include:

Counseling on form of business such as Corporation, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Subchapter S Corporation, or Proprietorship; and tax ramifications associated with each. Kruml Law Office is able to provide a wide range of services including drafting start-up and organizational documents, corporate, tax and other federal, state, and local filings and  compliance measures.

Advice on duties and exposure of corporate officers, directors and employees; employment contracts; compensation arrangements; employee benefit plans, and similar deferred benefit or stock compensation plans.

Shareholder Meetings and Disputes; Stock Issuance and Stock Transfers; Shareholder and Stock Redemption Agreements, as well as Buy-Sell Agreements among business owners.

Acquisitions and sale of business entities; financing of acquisitions and sales; financial workout and reorganization of troubled businesses or acquisitions.

Secured and unsecured borrowings from financial institutions and private debt sources; documentation of  all lending transactions; consumer credit transactions and documentations; extensions of credit to customers by businesses.

Federal, State and local tax ramifications of engaging in business, including formation of businesses, ongoing operations, and sale or other dispositions. Kruml Law Office is able to coordinate planning with a financial team that will also involve working closely and directly with client’s accountants and financial service providers.

Agriculture is big business in Nebraska, and throughout the central United States. Nebraska is a leader in the production of corn, soybeans, cattle, and hogs. Providing services and products to agriculture production and producers in Nebraska has always been important, and it is even more so today as those activities create business opportunities, and create jobs that support families throughout Nebraska. As agriculture businesses have become larger or more specialized, they have required more sophisticated and specialized legal advice on matters including business organization decisions, financing and incentive packages, tax issues, regulatory requirements, employee matters, and contracts for the production and sale of products and inputs. Agribusiness owners and operators know that Kruml Law Office has provided all these services to some of Nebraska’s leading agribusinesses. Kruml Law Office provides advice to clients on matters such as entity organizational matters, financing, and securities law issues, environmental compliance, contracts, mergers, and estate, family business, and succession planning.

Services offered include:

Kruml Law Office has extensive experience on behalf of both Land Owners, and Tenants, in negotiating, drafting and enforcing leases of agricultural land, livestock, and machinery and equipment items. In addition, we are able to work with Owners and Producers alike to establish secured lease arrangements for the protection and benefit of the parties to a contract.

Kruml Law Office is able to provide representation to clients for all matter of agricultural operations including financing, structuring, operational planning, succession planning, and working with insurers, as well as USDA/FSA, and similar governmental offices.

Kruml Law Office provides clients with all aspects of drafting Wills and/or Trusts, developing comprehensive estate plans, and succession planning ranging from routine Wills to more complex Estate Planning. Most plans commonly include Durable Power of Attorney documents, as well as Health Care Power of Attorney designations. Kruml Law Office assists clients and advisors to create wealth transfer plans that provide for beneficiaries, minimize taxes, and provide support for charitable organizations.

Services offered include:

Estate planning requires an individualized, holistic approach in which planning and documentation is custom tailored to the individual, family, and business planning needs of each client in order to achieve each specific client’s goals. Plans range from Wills, to Trusts, to Charitable Remainder Trusts combined with other planning documents including Durable Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Powers of Attorney.

An individual estate plan often calls for more planning than a traditional Will or Trust. Kruml Law Office is able to advise clients on the creation and implementation of planning tools such as Revocable Trust, Life Insurance Trusts, and Annual exclusion gifting programs, Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), deferred compensation arrangements, retirement benefit planning, and charitable giving structures. Services provided also extend to planning for the wealth transition of a family or closely held business to the next generation of family or non-family owners.

While a significant portion of the Estate planning practice is devoted to the preparation and implantation of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and other Estate Planning documents. Kruml Law Office has experienced in the probate of Wills, and trust administration as part of an estate or probate process. Preparation and filing of Inheritance Tax documents, and any required Estate or Gift Tax Returns are routinely completed and filed as part of the probate or trust administration process.

One of the foundations of America is the ability of an individual or company to own and develop real estate. That opportunity includes the need for experienced and knowledgeable legal representation to assist in all aspects of your project, no matter how large or small. Kruml Law Office is ready, and able to guide you through any real estate issue that you may have. We are able to provide representation and service from financing to construction contracts, and coordination with State, County, and local government entities in order to obtain approval and permitting of projects.

Kruml Law Office has vast knowledge and experience in regard to real estate development, ownership, operation, and transfer opportunities. Our experience includes land use and zoning, compliance and variances, IRC 1031 Exchanges, and the coordination with work with developers, owners, financial institution, management companies, construction consultants and contractors. Kruml Law Office is uniquely positioned to provide services in financing and development areas involving Tax Increment Financing (TIF), and also opportunities for both State and Federal New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) financing opportunities.

Whether you are purchasing a new home, buying a large tract for development, buying or selling agricultural land, or needing to determine your rights as a tenant or landlord, Kruml Law Office is able to serve your needs in order to reach you desired goal.

Services offered include:

Legal representation including site acquisition, land use and zoning, classification, permitting and licensing, negotiating construction contracts and subcontracts, land transfers, and a broad range of related legal matters. Kruml Law Office is able to assist clients in structuring and negotiating real estate purchases, sale and IRC 1031 exchange transactions, and commercial, industrial, and retail property acquisitions, dispositions, and developments.

Kruml Law Office is able to provide counseling and service concerning real estate financing in connection with the acquisition, construction, interim and permanent financing for a variety of real estate projects. We have utilized Tax Increment Financing (TIF) on several projects throughout the State of Nebraska. In addition, Kruml Law Office has pursued, negotiated, secured and closed on both State and Federal New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) financing incentive packages.

Kruml Law Office is able to provide representation and service on a wide variety of land use, zoning, permitting, and environmental matters. Services include assisting clients in obtaining permits for projects, as well as obtaining the required governmental approvals and entitlements associated with acquisitions and development of real estate.

Kruml Law Office has extensive experience in handling basic and complex IRC 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges (including straight exchanges, and reverse exchanges) to assist our clients in the most economically efficient ways available. We are able to establish any needed intermediary accounts, and coordinate, organize, and structuring exchanges with and through qualified intermediaries by providing all required documentation.

Kruml Law Office understands the nature and importance of contracts for sale, manufacture, procurement, and distribution of goods and services. We represent clients at all stages of the distribution chain from manufacturer to supplier, and distributor to user. We have the experience to help you negotiate, draft, and interpret commercial contracts to ensure your rights are protected. Our experience can assist you with all kinds of business transactions, such as sale and distribution agreements, leasing of real and personal property, loan workouts and refinancing agreements, purchase and sale of business assets, promissory notes, commercial financing, secured transactions, and contracts for services, and much more. No matter what type of commercial transaction or contract you wish to enter into, Kruml Law Office has the experience to provide personalized assistance in achieving your specific objectives.

Services offered include:

Kruml Law Office has long standing experience in negotiating, documenting, and enforcing secured contractual and/or financing arrangements. Today, nearly all contracts and transactions involve some aspect of a secured or collateralized arrangement for financial security purposes between the parties. We are experienced in navigating the complex framework within which transactions occur, and are uniquely positioned to provide representation to clients as they pursue their individual opportunities.

Kruml Law Office has extensive experience and history in coordinating contracts and transactions with both commercial lenders, and in some instances establishing private financing opportunities. We are able to assist clients with negotiating, documenting and enforcing their financial rights and benefits.

Kruml Law Office is prepared to handle all types of personal injury claims, including automobile accidents. Unfortunately, insurance companies are too often focused on profits, not people, and they routinely undervalue claims for catastrophic, life changing injuries. For your own sake, and that of your family, it is important to recover the compensation that will help you rebuild your life.

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